Ready to harness the power of Online Advertising for your business?  With years in the trenches growing some of the most profitable companies in the world in some of the most competitive and challenging niches out there, we’ve got the experience and the know-how to help take your business to wherever it is that you want it to go.

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What we do

We are a full-service, multi-platform advertising agency that enables business owners to be completely removed from their lead generation.

What does that mean for you?
No more writing ad copy.
No more time spent creating images, videos, etc.
Never having to look at or worry about your advertising ever again.

We specialize in working with experts who have a foundation ready to hit massive scale.

Professional Service Providers
E-commerce Companies

We’re also the secret marketing weapon that powers the marketing for several high-profile companies and celebrities.

Our proprietary methods for optimizing and scaling allow for predictable and reliable results in numerous markets and niches.

The Unfair Advantages That Our Clients Have…


 We take care of everything, from ad copy and ad creative to high level strategy, so you can focus on sales and growing your team and not have to worry about where your leads are coming from… 

Detailed Attribution

 Detailed reports on lead behaviour, from the first time they click one of your ads until they become a client.  You’ll never again have to guess what’s working and what’s not when it comes to lead generation.


 Having a Facebook ad disapproved or an ad account deactivated is nothing compared to having the FTC knocking on your door.  We make sure your ads are 100% FTC compliant so you never have to worry.

7-Figure ad Campaigns

 We have successfully planned and implemented 7-figure per month advertising campaigns. If your goal is to scale your advertising without sacrificing your margins, we’re the company for you.

Absolute Clarity

 Clarity and communication are cornerstones of our company culture, and we translate that into crystal clear daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns on ad performance, as well as weekly video walkthroughs.


Expertise on multiple platforms including: Facebook, Google Display, Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outbrain, Taboola, Perfect Audience, Gemini, Rev Content, and more.  We help our clients achieve true omni-presence. 

Facebook Compliance

Our monthly compliance audits ensure that your business assets are fully protected and always in the best possible standing with Facebooks notoriously stringent policy review team.

Predictable Growth

Our proprietary method for planning, launching, and scaling campaigns that convert ensures that consistent improvement in both the quality and quantity of leads for your business is not a probability, it’s a certainty.


With the major ad platforms making it harder and harder to target your perfect clients & customers, having an agency that is able to source third party targeting in a privacy-conscious and FTC compliant way is more important that ever.

Just a few of our client’s campaigns…

Word On The Street Is…  We’re Pretty Alright.

“Glen Hoddinott is a paid traffic engineer of the highest order, but that term doesn’t encapsulate his genius for the subject matter. He’s frankly more like a paid traffic magician to be honest, and I’ve personally benefitted from his expertise to the tune of 4x, 5x, 6x and beyond ROI on the ads we’ve run together. You can’t go wrong in retaining his services.”

Jonathan Greene

Head of Digital, Lead Crunch

 “Seth Pennington has shown me how a Facebook Ads Expert can make such a difference in your biz.  He started working on my ads just in the past week or so, and I’m so impressed. I’ve generated leads and most importantly, finally feel like I have a strategy that works.  Seth offers a personal and customized approach, after taking the time to learn about my goals for my business and my own strengths in marketing.  Anyone even thinking of running paid traffic, Seth is your man.
Bofta Yiman

CEO, Bofta Yiman On Air

“I worked with Glen behind the scenes at Traffic and Funnels and he’s one of the best Facebook media buyers available with the track record to prove it.  He will get incredible results for your business. Period.  But beyond that, when the shit hits the fan like it inevitably does, Glen is the guy you can rely on to get things back on track.  If you have the opportunity to work with Glen, there’s nothing to think about, you should leap at the opportunity.”

Mike Heiser

Founder, MikeHeiser.net

“Glen does my ads and it is working TOO well. I had to add to my team last month and am adding again this month. He is AMAZING!!!”

Tasha Blasi Pannuzzo

Fertility Godmother, Tasha Blasi Inc. & The FU Project

Till Boadella

CEO, The Backend Accelerator


Timothy Dick

Co-Founder & CEO, ProfitLayer

Just A Few Of The Wizards We’ve Worked With…

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