Jul 24, 2019

Messaging expert Sani Nielsen talks with Tim about the power and importance of messaging.

“All marketing is messaging, but not all messaging is marketing.” – Sani Nielsen (5:32-5:36)

Timothy Dick

Profit Layer

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Learn more about Sani at http://www.saninielsen.com or find her in our free Facebook group every Monday for ProfitLayer’s Messaging Mondays at https://profitlayer.io/group

If you would like more information about Timothy Dick or ProfitLayer, visit https://profitlayer.io.

Messaging Course

Sani just released an amazing new digital course called Minimize the Message Gap and is offering all ProfitLayer listeners a $50 discount.

For all ProfitLayer listeners, Sani is giving us a special discount code for anyone who wants to jump in and learn how to identify and extract your ideal client’s own words to use in your messaging.

Enter the discount code: PROFITLAYER for $50 off the regular price! https://saninielsen.com/MinimizeTheGap

Learn how to increase your message “connection” and “impact” by identifying and using your ideal client’s OWN WORDS.

This program is six video modules and worksheets to help you identify who you want to serve, how you want to serve them, and where to go to find and extract the EXACT words they use to describe their problems, pain points, and the emotions involved at each stage of the client journey.


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